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KOTRA Seal of Excellence
‘KOTRA Seal of Excellence’,
a mark of quality, high-technology and trustworthiness, is a symbol of advanced technology and trust.
It is a symbol of KOTRA warranty brand quality, high technology and trust.
The KOTRA-guaranteed brand program was launched to improve the excellence and reliability of Korean export firms and their products and increase export by taking advantage of KOTRA’s brand image.

One of the biggest obstacles that Korean companies frequently face when doing business with foreign buyers is a lack of confidence in their reputation and products. Therefore, KOTRA has decided to launch a means of overseas marketing that guarantees reliability. According to a questionnaire survey performed among foreign buyers, the reliability of KOTRA-guaranteed brand firms and products has improved, and buyers’ decision making process has been faster. Furthermore, they have even been willing to pay a premium.

The KOTRA-guaranteed brand is a certificate. It certifies businesses and products with advanced technology and high quality such as KS, UL and ISO. This excellence award guarantees that financially stable products with a respectable market are being supplied. KOTRA-guaranteed brand is expected to increase exports and help Korean products sold at good prices.